After a successful PC launch, and over a month’s worth of content, Bungie has officially revealed Destiny 2’s first expansion – the Curse of Osiris. It will add Mercury as a new planet to explore and fight foes, as well as many new weapons and new armor. We’ll also likely see new maps added to the crucible.

The story focuses on Ikora’s mentor, Osiris, the guardian legend who was banished from the tower. The main enemy on Mercury are the minions of darkness who wish to reshape the universe in their own image. The enemies seen in the trailer look like they are Vex but, they could be a new enemy type. Bungie has said that the expansion will come with a new social space, the Lighthouse (which should be familiar to players from the original Destiny), new strikes, new free roam content (public events), and new raid content. The Curse of Osiris will be available on all platforms on December 5th.

Written by Tyler Beyer

After playing so many Kingdom Hearts entries, translating duck has become like second nature to Tyler, much like writing and playing games.