The latest issue of Japan’s V-Jump magazine has revealed new characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as well as a story mode and Japanese release date – February 1, 2018. No western release has been set yet but it will be released the same month as Japan.

The two new characters revealed are Nappa and Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu can use his “Body Change” technique to swap opponents and their health status, while Nappa has his signature “Kappa” attack, a powerful blast from his mouth. Recoome, one of the squad members in Captain Ginyu’s Ginyu Force team, will also make an appearance as an assist character (similar to characters Android 17 and Chiaotzu). There’s no word on if other Ginyu Force members will make appearances.

It’s also announced that the player will be able to increase their bonds with various characters to view private conversations, revealing things like Yamcha wanting to get married or Vegeta mentioning Bulma’s personality. As you progress in the story, you are given choices to gain experiences, save allies, learn skills and more.


Updated 10/18/17 11:12am ET: Additional scan added to article.

Translation source from Ryokuta2089

Written by Seth Hay

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