In what may be the service’s strongest lineup in months, the PlayStation Blog has announced the games that subscribers will get for free next Tuesday. PS4 owners are being treated to Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as well as the critically acclaimed Amnesia: Collection – which includes A Machine for Pigs as well as The Dark Descent.

Those who still have their PS3 hooked up can expect to play Monster Jam Battlegrounds and Hustle Kings. For on-the-go play, darling puzzle-platformer Hue will make its way to Vita (also available on PS4 via Cross Buy) as well as Sky Force Anniversary. All six games will be available when the PlayStation Store updates on October 3rd. As a reminder, this is the last week you can still pick up September’s lineup for free, which includes inFamous Second Son and Strike Vector EX.

Written by Jonathan Nielson

When he's not writing or studying for some class or another, Jonathan is very likely playing his umpteenth match of Rocket League for the day. You'll probably find him jumping around and cheering for a rare win, or (more likely) cursing the day he ever picked up a DualShock.