Another month, another update for Overwatch, which this time around includes hero changes and a new map. The most notable alterations come to Mercy and D.Va, while the new map has you escort a payload through Junkertown.

Junkertown was revealed at Gamescom last month in a small animation from Blizzard. Based in the Australian Outback, the home of our favorite Aussies: Junkrat and Roadhog, the first phase has you escort the payload to the town’s gates. The second phase is going through the town itself, all culminating at the Queen’s chamber; the final phase.

Both the map and the aforementioned animation have resulted in a lot of speculation from the community regarding the game’s next hero, with many looking into every nook and cranny to find hints if the next hero is the Queen of Junkertown. Unfortunately we’ll likely have to wait till Blizzcon in November to find out for sure.

As for character changes, the Tank D.Va has gotten major alterations to her moveset. The amount of time that her Defense Matrix can be active is decreased by 50%, though it now recharges marginally faster, at a 12.5% increase. Not only that but you are now able to shoot while the Boosters are active, letting you perform some fly-by maneuvers. Finally there’s perhaps the biggest change – a whole new ability called Micro Missiles. This involves firing a small barrage of missiles that can do around 200 HP of damage if they all land successfully.

Mercy has arguably received even bigger changes than D.Va. Firstly, her ultimate ability has changed, with Revive being turned into a standard 30 second cool-down skill. Of course, for fairness it will now only revive one player at a time, and at a much shorter range. An added bonus to make it clear who you’re reviving is the standard skull indicating a dead player being replaced by a portrait of the fallen hero. Additionally, Mercy is no longer invulnerable while the ability is active.

To replace Mercy’s ult is a new skill called “Valkyrie”, which allows her to freely fly around the map with her Valkyrie suit for 20 seconds. While Valkyrie is activated, the cooldown for resurrect is immediately refreshed and its cooldown while the ult is active is reduced to 10 seconds. Not only that but Mercy’s passive ability that heals her is constantly active even while taking damage and her Caduceus staff is powered up; allowing for multiple targets to be healed or damage boosted with amplified power at the same time. Finally, Mercy’s pistol gains infinite ammo and increased projectile speed for the duration.

Along with these character changes and map addition, there have been various bug fixes to the game. The update is now live on all platforms.

Written by Tyler Beyer

After playing so many Kingdom Hearts entries, translating duck has become like second nature to Tyler, much like writing and playing games.