If you have signed up for Sony’s PS4 newest Firmware beta, it is now available for testing, and its contents have been revealed. This update improves on features that have been on the platform since day one as well as features that were added in previous updates.

Firstly, for those of you who own a PS4 Pro, the streaming function is being upgraded. You will now be able to stream your games out at 1080p and 60fps. And remember, if you have a Pro you can now use Remote Play in 1080p thanks to the previous firmware update. As for more upgraded features, the parental options will grant more control over child accounts, while single family accounts can now harbor multiple adult accounts as well as let you set restrictions for each account separately. You can also send a request from a different PS4 to join the family account.

Among the rest of the update, you will be able to follow verified users to make sure that you see everything they do, such as trophies they earn or the photos and videos they share. The quick menu is also getting a couple of small updates – you will be able to see your notifications such as download progress and leave a party without needing to go to the party screen.

The update has just been put into beta so there is no idea yet as to when it will be available to the public be we will be sure to let you know when the update is ready.

Written by Tyler Beyer

After playing so many Kingdom Hearts entries, translating duck has become like second nature to Tyler, much like writing and playing games.