June 20th, 2017 marks 20 years since the classic PlayStation game Final Fantasy Tactics was released in Japan. Re-released on the PSP with updated, cinematic scenes, and then later ported to smartphones, it is still one of the best tactical games to this day.

I can actually recall my childhood when my brother and I picked up the game, only because it was titled “Final Fantasy”, at a nearby KB Toys store. Wondering if this would be another great title after playing Final Fantasy VII, we were proven right. We spent countless hours and replaying the story over and over all summer. We researched it online via our 56K modem, from how to get Cloud Strife on your team to duplicating weapons to make T.G. Cid even more of a broken character. Creating characters, changing jobs and job-hunting were just some of the best features on offer.

That said, one of the most annoying parts of the game was the first chapter. Clearing it was a chore and enduring hours of grinding to get past these early stages were no laughing matter. Once passed, however, it was a breeze to get through up until you met up with Mustadio Bunansa, stuck in a battle in town, with no where to go on the map until you cleared it. The battles did get heavier but once you picked up T.G. Cid, you couldn’t lose on thanks to how broken he was in terms of power.

While we may not see a full remake of this game any time soon, it is still a classic to own and revisit. Happy Anniversary Final Fantasy Tactics!

Written by Seth Hay

Designer, developer and many other things, Seth not only enjoys video games but anime and sports. Making the choice between a Nintendo 64 and a PlayStation back in the '90s, Seth went with the PlayStation just so he could continue enjoying the Final Fantasy franchise along with many other JRPG titles.