Final Fantasy XV will be receiving its first update since the release of the game’s first DLC, Episode Gladiolus. The update should improve stabilization of the PS4 Pro version of the game. While an update was already released for the more powerful system, increasing the framerate to 60 FPS, this new patch is meant to focus on stability.

The update also adds some small customization features to the game such as being able to increase the size of the subtitles and the menu screen, as well as new stickers for the Regalia. Several new tracks will also be added to the portable music player and the Regalia’s radio.

It also marks the re-introduction of Timed Quests, with one in particular offering the new “Afro Sword” as a reward, which comes with a new Afrojack song when Noctis wields the greatsword.

Written by Tyler Beyer

After playing so many Kingdom Hearts entries, translating duck has become like second nature to Tyler, much like writing and playing games.