Activision has started a countdown clock on its Call of Duty website in anticipation for the game in the franchise – which will be returning to its roots in Call of Duty WWII, confirming earlier rumors.

The clock hits zero on April 26th at 10 AM PST and a livestream event will start. There aren’t too many details on the official website, but astute fans are already picking apart the promotional image for the new game. The reflection in the soldier’s eyes maybe hinting at the game’s campaign mode, as he is watching four of his fellow soldiers.

Not only that, but GameStop employees will be receiving promotional materials for an “Activision Title” on April 25th, perhaps in anticipation for when pre-orders go live during the livestream announcement? Some streamers also seem to be getting early merch. Luckily we don’t have too long to wait!

Written by Jennifer Burch

When she’s not drawing or plotting out her own stories, you can find Jennifer with a controller or portable console in hand. While she has dabbled in different gaming generations and consoles, you’ll probably find a copy of Twisted Metal 2 or Harvest Moon: Back to Nature in her PS3’s disc drive these days.