It was only a couple weeks back when Overwatch’s latest hero, Orisa, was released but the team over at Blizzard already has more content for players. Titled Uprising, it takes the form of a new in-game event based on lore events that happened 7 years ago in universe. Last week the Overwatch Twitter account teased the event saying that the events that happened in King’s Row would be “declassified” on April 11th. Soon after, we were shown a new comic taking place just before the in game event start.

The comic focused on an Omnic uprising in King’s Row where the Omnic gang, Null Sector, has taken over and holds the Mayor Mondatta and others hostage. Overwatch was not given the go ahead to operate in King’s Row so the comic shows off Commander Morrison’s (later known as Soldier: 76) process of deciding whether or not to intervene in the crisis.

Uprising follows in the footsteps of the Halloween event last year by adding a PvE mode where players will take control of Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer or Torbjorn to take back control of a newly designed King’s Row from waves of Omnic enemies (there is also a version to the PvE mode that allows the use of any hero). It will also feature new skins for the aforementioned characters as well as new Blackwatch skins for Genji, McCree and Widowmaker. This is the first in-game event that the Overwatch team has put on that isn’t tied to a real world occasion, as fans have been asking for more lore based events for a while.

This new Uprising event will last until May 1st. So, if you want any of the over 100 new items that are available, you have a little under a month to grab them.

Written by Tyler Beyer

After playing so many Kingdom Hearts entries, translating duck has become like second nature to Tyler, much like writing and playing games.