Natsume announced the release date for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition’s debut on the PS4 – it’s available today in North America and Europe!

As of right now you can download the game via the PlayStation Store for $14.99. Fans are also reporting that the frame rate issues that plagued the original have been fixed! Alongside the announcement Natsume also confirmed that this is the first of two Harvest Moon games to be ported to the PS4. Perhaps in the next few months we’ll receive another same day release tweet about Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, lining up with ESRB ratings earlier this year? Until then, happy farming!

Written by Jennifer Burch

When she’s not drawing or plotting out her own stories, you can find Jennifer with a controller or portable console in hand. While she has dabbled in different gaming generations and consoles, you’ll probably find a copy of Twisted Metal 2 or Harvest Moon: Back to Nature in her PS3’s disc drive these days.