New details about The Last Of Us Part II have been revealed during a panel at PlayStation Experience 2016. Hosted by Game Informer’s editor-in-chief Andy McNamara and featuring Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson, and Troy Baker, the panel shared a little insight into Naughty Dog’s next marquee title.

After opening the panel with the new trailer, Druckmann shared a little bit about the game’s story and themes. He said that it is a companion to the first story, with a much different theme.

“This story is about hate,” Druckmann said.


The Last Of Us Part II takes place five years after the original game. Ellie is now 19 years old, sporting a tattoo on her right forearm, which is the same spot as her infection. The tattoo is similar to the poster released on Outbreak Day earlier this year. Druckmann confirmed that players will take control of Ellie during the game, and that she will control differently than Joel.

In regards to reassuming the roles of Ellie and Joel, both Johnson and Baker were excited to fill their respective character’s shoes once again.

“It’s amazing how fast you jump back into it,” Johnson commented.


“[Joel’s] the one that I miss the most. He’s the guy that I find myself thinking about and wondering what is he up to, what is he doing: And it’s absolutely right, we are a family and we are all in this together,” Baker said.

New capture techniques were shown to the panel. Using a technique called a “digital double,” Naughty Dog creates a digital replica of the actors and then morphs them into the in-game characters. They are the most advanced character models Naughty Dog has ever created.

Gustavo Santaolalla has returned as the composer for The Last Of Us Part II. This will be his first time ever composing music for a sequel. The panel played a video clip of concept art while a new theme from Santaolalla played in the background.

The Last Of Us Part II is in early development at Naughty Dog and will come to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the future.

Written by Max Roberts

Mesmerized by the neighbor kids' fancy PS2s, Max would pour into games like Kingdom Hearts and the Sly Cooper series whenever he visited. He even beat Sly 2: Band of Thieves when his friend wasn't home (don't worry, his mom let him in). Max joined the PlayStation family officially in 2013 with Uncharted 3 and hasn't looked back since.