Early last month we saw our first full look at the characters and story of Mass Effect Andromeda, although very little gameplay was shown at the time. Thankfully during the Game Awards last night the upcoming Bioware RPG was given the chance to close out the show with a four minute trailer focusing on gameplay. Check it out:

Given the PlayStation button prompts and the fact the video is in 4K makes it seem like this is another PS4 Pro showcase, and it just shows that Mass Effect Andromeda remains one of the best games to highlight the capabilities of the hardware.

The contents of the trailer highlight a few interesting things though. For one it looks like your party will have a female Turian this time around as well as a new Krogan, which is nice considering Wrex and Grunt were left out of Mass Effect 3’s party. Settlements seem alive and well with NPCs too, and dialogue choices make a return leading to some tense stand-offs.

We also see more combat abilities, ranging from the tried-and-true biotics to some pretty versatile assault gun drone placements. It definitely looks like players will have more choice when it comes to tackling combat scenarios in Andromeda, which is very promising.


For those with a vested interest in the story like me, however, most exciting of all is the new scanner. Taking a leaf out of Metroid Prime’s book you’ll be able to scan organic lifeforms and minerals. This sort of flavor text was usually reserved for the Codex in previous Mass Effect games, so it’s exciting to see it flow more naturally into the main game this time around. It also looks like the scanner will also play into some quests, with the example given in the trailer being a murder-mystery.

We’ll bring you more on Mass Effect Andromeda as we approach its Spring 2017 release.

Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little bit different, Tom is ready to report on games of all shapes and sizes, whether they be wonderful or weird (or, better yet, both.)